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Solar Hybrid Water Heater

Solar Hybrid Water Heater

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With the aid our competent team of professionals, we have came up with a wide range of Solar Hybrid Water Heater which is highly applicable in hospitals hotels and other industrial unit for more than 15 years life. This Solar Hybrid Water Heater based on a patent technology generate 700 dc within 5 - 7 minutes, per hour heat / vaporize more than 1000 liters without getting lagged depends on the preferred capacity and the expenses incurred is 5 times less than that of the present day existing solar water heaters. It will switch over to hybrid energy and with less than 4 unit per hour energy is consumed during night, cloudy or rainy season.


Solar Water Heater Hybrid Technology with Grid Power 4000 Liter Capacity.

Solar Swimming Pool Capsule

Function with 52 volt and 457 watts power each capsule , automatic heat control system would prevent absolutely no electrocution on a little care can control the water heat in the swimming pool as needed 27 dc to 35 dc it cold be workable during swimmers are in even without any worries of electrocution, specially designed with patent technology.