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Solar Oven

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Solar Oven

We are widely appreciated in the market for our ability to offer an excellent range of Solar Oven, that is best way to helping the environment. Cooking in this oven is easy, fun, nutritious and natural. As it will keep your area cool in summers by keeping the heat from cooking outside, this oven is best option for daily use in your back yard, picnics, camping, or in the event of a power failure. In this Solar Oven, the food can be baked and boiled at different cooking temperatures (standard 360° F to 400° F). Also, in this oven there is no entry of air that keeps the food to stay moisture free and tender and flavorful.

Solar Oven Facts

Solar powered oven use direct sunlight to generate and store electric power, which is used for heating, cooking and other related purposes. Some of its facts are given below:

  • Inexpensive as it saves use of fuel and electricity
  • Technology used is new and more efficient
  • Can be used to cater needs of more number of people
  • No need of manual labor for continuous monitoring or operation